Best Deer Rifles Ever Made, Part 2


Best Deer Rifles Ever Made, Part 2

Here’s another group of the best deer rifles ever made:

4) The Browning BAR has perhaps the best reputation for a semi-automatic deer rifle in America, and so has legions of fans throughout the country. Touted highly as accurate and reliable, the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) for many years was the only auto-loading center-fire deer rifle chambered for magnum cartridges. Introduced in 1967, the BAR was made in Belgium until 1976, and those rifles are in high demand, having a certain mystique about them much like the “pre-64” Winchester Model 70. But experts say the post 1976 through today models of the BAR are just as good as the older versions. These Japanese-made center fires are available in a wide variety of deer-dropping calibers, including magnum rounds.


5) The Ruger #1 Single Shot is perhaps the most unique of the best deer rifles, in that this attractive and remarkable falling-block action gun rests its reputation on pinpoint accuracy, not quick-follow-up-shot speed. That marksmanship prowess of a Ruger #1 owner goes a long way with many deer hunters, who believe shot placement on game is far more important than multiple shots made at deer. First made in 1966, the rifle continues its popularity today. Ruger #1s made before 1969 are prized by collectors, and versions in .308 and 7mm-08 calibers are praised by deer hunters.


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