Reenactor’s Black Powder Rifle Goes Kaboom


Reenactor’s Black Powder Rifle Goes Kaboom

These photos were recently spotted on Facebook with the following caption:

This is why we preach safety with firearms – it can happen to you! Always point your firearm in a safe direction and make sure there are NO obstructions in the barrel! Thankfully there were no injuries!

The guy who posted the photos said he wasn’t there when this happened, so we don’t have firsthand knowledge, but it looks like a this happened at a reenactment of some sort.


He did say that “Mud in the barrel did this from what I’m hearing,” and he notes that the dirt jammed in the barrel in the photos “was from when the rifle was thrown after it went boom.”

Regardless of what caused it, it’s not easy to understand how the statement “Always point your firearm in a safe direction” applies here. In this case, it looks like the only safe direction was either behind or in front of the gun!


Anyhow, the second part of the warning (make sure there are NO obstructions in the barrel!) certainly rings true!

Stay safe, my friends.

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