Thrunite Ti3 EDC Flashlight Review


Thrunite Ti3 EDC Flashlight Review

If you are looking for a perfect and inexpensive Everyday Carry (EDC) flashlight, look no further than the Thrunite Ti3. It weighs 3/4 of an ounce with a single AAA battery, has a key chain attachment, and boasts 4 brightness settings with a strobe. It’s only about $15 at most places like Amazon.

My Ti3 arrived in what looked like a metal Altoids tin. The packing was superb in every detail. The Ti3 was packaged in a foam liner that was cut out to hold the flashlight in place. There was no rolling around or rattle. The flashlight arrived in prefect condition without a single scratch or blemish.

Thrunite Ti3 Package Contents

  • Flashlight
  • Instruction manual
  • Keychain clasp
  • Extra o-ring
  • Thank you card
  • Metal clip
  • The instruction manual is a fold-out piece of paper and in six languages.  You will probably get more information from Amazon then out of the manual.

Keychain is about an inch long and has a spring loaded clasp. The ring that attaches to the Thrunite Ti3 is rather small. I wish the ring was a little larger and the hole in the flashlight was larger, also. I had to use a flat head screwdriver to open the ring enough to get it on my keychain.

An extra o-ring is included, which is nice of Thrunite. The o-ring fits below the threads where the flashlight comes apart to insert the battery.

The metal belt clip is nice and fits the flashlight nicely. I am just not a fan of clips. What can go wrong will go wrong. If there is a chance something will come un-clipped, it will. I would rather have the Thrunite Ti3 in my pocket than on a clip.


3/4 ounce with battery
2 3/4 inches long
1/2 inch diameter

The flashlight is no longer than the key to my Toyota T-100 truck and is smaller in diameter than a dime.

Brightness Settings

  • Firefly: 0.5 Lm (115 hours estimated run time),
  • Low: 12 Lm (6.3 hours estimated run time),
  • High: 120Lm (0.5 hours estimated run time),
  • Strobe: 120Lm (1 hour estimated run time)
  • Twist the lens cap to turn on/off. This also adjust brightness settings.

To cycle through the brightness settings, twist the lens cap on/off about once per second. The Thrunite Ti3 has a memory of the last brightness setting used. If the light has not been used for some time and you turn it on, it will go to the last setting used.

Freeze Test

One of my standard test is to put the flashlight in a jug with barely enough water to cover it, then place the jug in my deep freezer overnight.

Why a freeze test?

  • See if the light works at below freezing temperatures.
  • See if the expanding ice can push past the o-ring seal.

The Thrunite Ti3 was turned on firefly mode, placed in a deep freezer set at -12 degrees. 20 hours later the Ti3 was frozen solid and still working. The jug was removed from the deep freezer and placed in direct sunlight to thaw.

Drop test

The flashlight was held at four to five feet off the ground and then dropped on a cross tie several times. Usually, I drop the flashlight several times and then see if it still works. For this test, the Thrunite Ti3 was turned to its brightest setting and camera was put on a tri-pod and filmed the flashlight hitting the cross tie. We wanted to see if the flashlight flickered when it hit the cross tie.

After filming the drop test, the video was slowed to quarter speed and reviewed. The Ti3 did not flicker. Since the light did not flicker, this tells me everything inside the light is making good contact.

Usual Test Excluded

Usually, my flashlights are subjected to a variety of impact tests, such as driving nails, running it over with a tractor, and dropping it behind a moving truck while tied to a string.

If you want to see the usual test, see this review of the Thrunite TN12.

Since the Thrunite Ti3 is an EDC flashlight, I can not justify subjecting it to the riggers of a heavier duty flashlight. The Ti3 will probably be kept on a keychain, in a pocket, or in a purse.


For the past 15 years or so, I carried a Maglite solitaire on my keyring. After reviewing the Thrunite Ti3, the Maglite solitaire has been replaced.

Thrunite is as a company that takes pride in their products on every level.


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