Hats and Caps


Hats and Caps

How could just a simple clothing garment be so absolutely useful? I mean we understand having to wear a shirt, pants, socks, and maybe underwear for some, but hats? There has probably never been or never will be again such a utilitarian item for outdoors people to use.

What brought this on? At our bug out camp which doubles as our deer hunting camp during the annual season, when I depart camp I actually debate for a few moments which hat or cap to wear. I have quite a collection so there is something on the hat rack useful for all conditions.

People who actually know or study such things say that most of your body heat escapes through the head, so a head garment helps slow that down. This is reason enough for outdoors people to wear a hat. They also protect the head from the sun and excess heat.

If it is 50 degrees or warmer, I will likely pick a hunter orange summer type baseball cap with the mesh cloth on the back half. These breathe better and allow any breeze to flow through. If it is cold, then I pick a full cover or wool ball cap. All of my caps have a brim. Brims are a great invention to keep the sun out of the eyes. This choice is dependent on which hunting stand I take.

If the sun is ever going to be in my eyes, facing east in the morning or west in the afternoon, then I pick a hat with a built-in sun visor. Dumb simple, but you can move the hat around to keep the glare out of your eyes, which is crucial for deer hunting or certain types of discreet prepper work

If it is super cold when I hunt, like below 40 degrees with a wind, then I go with a wool watch cap or a full face balaclava type pull over hat. These are super warm and they protect the face as well. One downside to these is when the front part is pulled up under the nose. Then your breath will likely fog up your eyeglasses if you wear them. I hate that. Just adjust it accordingly.

In hot weather or sunny days, pick a hat with a full 360 brim to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your neck. Hats are a wonderful thing. I hope you wear them often.

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