Watch: Tractor-Mounted Machine Cuts and Splits Firewood


Watch: Tractor-Mounted Machine Cuts and Splits Firewood

I love a good labor-saving device, especially if that labor is something like cutting and splitting firewood. That is a chore that I just don’t enjoy, especially the splitting.

This Mottimaster machine has a rotating blade to cut off hunks of logs as they are fed into the machine, plus a big nasty spike to split the wood at the same time.

Don’t worry about the buildup of split wood inside the machine, because that stuff gets carried away on a conveyor belt and dropped into a container (a pickup truck bed, for instance) placed below the end of the belt.

What’s not to like? Well, it did look to be a bit rough on the guy feeding the wood in because the log being fed into the machine tends to ride up or jump when the blade/spike contacts it.

Beats using a splitting maul, though, and it’s much faster than chainsawing the wood and splitting it afterward.

What do you think?

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