Watch How It’s Made: Holland & Holland Double Rifles & Shotguns


Watch How It’s Made: Holland & Holland Double Rifles & Shotguns

If you like guns or even if you simply admire good craftsmanship, you should enjoy this video. It shows much of what goes into the making of Holland & Holland firearms, which have long been some of the most desired hunting guns on the planet.

This shows highlights of the labor-intensive manufacture process, such as turning the barrels on a lathe, soldering them together, soldering on the top rib, cleaning it up, fitting the stock, making and fitting the action (receiver), hand-checkering the fine wood stocks, and more.

If you’ve ever wondered why their guns are so costly, this video should answer that question. They simply do a lot of hand-fitting to make these guns into the precise and beautiful tools that they are.

Check out the coffee mug at the six-minute mark. 🙂

H&H has been making fine guns in London since 1835, and it’s nice to see that tradition continuing. Not that I’m likely to ever be able to afford one of these fine shootin’ irons, but it’s nice to know they exist.


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