How to Motivate Armchair Preppers


How to Motivate Armchair Preppers

Armchair warriors exist in every community. These are the people who know all about something but do not actually do anything. They are the ones who can rattle off various tid-bits of information, but have not put their knowledge into practical application.

Prepping communities are no different. Armchair preppers can rattle off information about Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), freeze dried food, firearms, skinning, backpacks, knivesetc. Chances are they have very limited hands on experience with the things they claim to know so much about.

How can the prepping community motivate armchair preppers to get out out of the house and do something? The first things that come to mind are gardening, camping, and fishing.


Anyone with a front or backyard can do some kind of gardening. For urban dwellers, look into square foot gardening and composting.

Not only grow the food, but buy a pressure canner and preserve the food or store the food in the freezer.

Plant fruit trees in the backyard. Pear and fig trees are excellent fruit trees to start with.

Do not have a backyard? Maybe live in an apartment? Talk to friends and family members about planting a garden at their house. Grandparents live close? Get the kids and grandparents involved in growing a garden together. It is an excellent way to build good memories.

Gardening is the easiest way to teach children where their food comes from. In our modern society there is a disconnect from people and how their food is grown.


Find a park in your area and take the family camping. Some parks have primitive cabins that do not have air conditioning or heating. Then there is tent camping or rent a cabin that does have AC and heat.

Get the family out of their comfort zone. If there is a lake at the park, take the kids fishing and cook and eat what they catch.

Practice fire building skills at the camp site. Walk through some of the hiking trails and practice with the GPS and compass. Observe local wildlife. Take the family to the nature classes parks offer.


Check the fishing regulations in your state and area before heading out.

Here in Texas, state parks allow people to fish off the bank and the person does not have to have a fishing license. This is a great way to get families into fishing without having to buy everyone a fishing license.

Call around to the local parks. Ask if you can fish off the bank in the park without a fishing license. If the park says yes, round the family up and go fishing.

Get a day use area at the park, cook some hot dogs, take the family fishing, and have a good time.

Motivating Armchair Preppers

All three of the above activities teach prepping skills.

Gardening and fishing are lifelong skills. Once the person has done it a few times and understands what they are doing, the skill most likely will stay with them for life.

What better prepping skill is there to teach children than to find their own food through fishing and gardening?

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