Watch: Big Whitetail Buck Loves a Leaf Blower


Watch: Big Whitetail Buck Loves a Leaf Blower

This is something you don’t see every day–and far less often than that if you’re a deer hunter. But if you have some deer around that are used to people, you might get to experience something like this.

As the video begins, the buck licks at the blower while it’s sitting on the ground running. When a disembodied hand picks up the blower and starts revving it while aiming it at the deer’s face, the buck throws his head back in squint-eyed ecstasy.

This is one buck that enjoys swiftly-moving air, that’s for sure. Could it be that all deer share with dogs the desire to stick their heads out of moving vehicles to feel the breeze in their faces?

I do not know, but I do know that this deer loves a good blast in the face and side with a Stihl blower.

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