Customer Safety Awareness


Customer Safety Awareness

In the process of reading the owner’s manual that Glock provides to buyers of their pistols, I found a form included called their “customer safety awareness form.” The idea is to read down through the fourteen listed items and then, as the consumer, check off each one on the form.

There are so many new pistol buyers entering the ranks from concerned citizens these days, safe firearms use remains a high priority. Accordingly, I thought it would be a good idea to share this list of safety procedures. These safety rules apply to any type of firearm:

1. Always treat your pistol (whatever brand, make, or model) as though it were loaded at all times.
2. Always point your pistol (or any gun) in a safe direction where no one can be injured in the event the gun fires. Never point the gun at yourself or anyone else.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until the pistol is pointed at the target and you have decided to fire.
4. Before handing the pistol to any other person, be sure magazine is removed and slide is locked open. Visually and physically check to make sure no ammunition remains in the chamber.
5. Whenever you pick up any pistol, check it yourself to make sure it is unloaded.
6. Always wear appropriate eye and ear protection while shooting or observing.
7. Use only factory produced ammunition in good condition and of the proper caliber for your pistol. (You may reload, which is fine, but know this may void any firearm warranty.)
8. The Dealer should have covered loading, unloading, and the basic functioning of your firearm.
9. Never place a loaded pistol in a storage box.
10. Know that your pistol may fire any cartridge remaining in the chamber, even after the magazine has been removed. (KNOW YOUR GUN).
11. I have been shown (or know) how to field strip, clean, and lubricate my pistol.
12. I understand that the safest procedure for storage of my pistol is to keep it unloaded and securely locked away from children and other untrained persons.
13. I have received a copy of the owner’s manual and will read it before loading or shooting my pistol. If I have any questions after reading the manual I will ask my Dealer or contact the manufacturer.
14. I will read a Basic Rules of Firearms Safety booklet. See the NRA or other source.

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