Watch: Fish Swimming Across the Road


Watch: Fish Swimming Across the Road

Here’s something you don’t see every day. This video was posted to The Weather Network Canada’s Facebook feed a few weeks ago, with the following caption:

Why did the fish cross the road? According to local reports in Seattle, Washington last month, a flooded street was the fastest way to get upstream.

The 38-second video shows a bunch of fish trying–many of them successfully–to swim upstream by crossing flooded roadways where water flows across the pavement!

One commenter noted, “Free fish and the man just drives by? If that was me, l am stopping the van, loading up, go home, gut them, and freeze them for later!”

I’m not too sure about that. Some folks responded that chum salmon isn’t that good, and picking up fish with one’s hands is illegal there.

Anyhow, this is definitely worth a watch. And although we see them wriggling across the road, I don’t think we need to hop on some bandwagon claiming that bad ol’ humans blocked their natural route. This is a flood; the water and fish both follow different paths when water levels are more normal.


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