Nikon’s Easy Carry Binocular Harness


Nikon’s Easy Carry Binocular Harness

Accessories rule. This is especially cool if you get a neat new product that you did not have for Christmas. Even better when it’s from a 28 year old daughter that also loves the outdoors. Where she got the idea I am not sure, but it was a good one.

The gift was a Nikon Easy Carry Binocular Harness. At first glance the rig looks like an octopus of straps with double elastic straps, snap on attachment hooks, and four adjustment slides for a custom fit. The unit comes with a leather-like backpiece to center control strap adjustment. The nylon straps are camouflaged in Realtree APG.

The whole rig is featherweight light and highly convenient, once you figure out how the octopus fits over your shoulders. Twice I got it on backwards. LOL. I mean, you want the “Nikon” logo strap loop harness showing on the back.

The coolness of a binocular harness shoulder strap rig is that it holds the optics down in front on your chest for a quick and easy grab to focus for a view. Then it just rests out of the way so both hands and arms can then do other things. At this point the binoculars become rather unobtrusive and out of the way, but on standby ready to be used.

Another feature to this set up is that with binoculars of any size suspended by the double straps there is no tug or pull hanging down from the shoulder strap arrangement. It keeps the strap off your neck, which does away with that rubbing annoyance, plus it is allows a cooling effect without a neoprene strap touching bare skin. In cold weather it is also warmer.

The quick release hooks have square molded ends to allow them to slip easily up and down the straps on both sides. When you need to lift the binoculars to your eyes, the movement is effortless, and then the strap harness assists in steadying the binoculars for viewing. And as you move the attached binoculars up or down, the straps become automatically self-centered in the backpiece.

This Nikon Binocular Harness rig can be easily adjusted over a heavy shirt, under a jacket or coat, or could be worn outside over a coat depending upon user preferences. The slide adjustments are easy to move to loosen or tighten.

Gear accessories are really neat. Thanks daughter Allison for this one. It sure beats a necktie.


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