Rounds Downrange


Rounds Downrange

It is the favored gun magazine moniker these days to wrap up a firearms review with the ubiquitous “Rounds Downrange” section. All that means is that the writer checking out the new gun takes it to an available shooting range and pumps a couple hundred rounds through it to justify the examination of the firearm for the article.

In the process, of course, the function, performance, and accuracy of the firearm is verified. It’s a practical issue for sure and pretty standard fare for weapons reviews. I mean, after all, if you as a consumer are reading such a review, you certainly are interested if the gun performed at the range as expected.

Rounds downrange is also a performance function every gun buyer should perform with any gun they buy. That would be standard procedure, too. Why would you buy a new kitchen knife then hide it away in a drawer and never use it? Any gun, concealed weapon, hunting firearm, home protection shotgun, or ranch rifle demands to be function fired, appropriately sighted in, and then practice fired on a regular basis.

Too often preppers and some avid survivalists alike tend to buy gear, equipment, or especially guns, then pack them away in wait for a real SHTF to arise. Then, it is too late to bring a firearm into action, if you are too busy reading the owner’s manual to see how the darn thing works.

At gun shows we are often asked what weapon to buy for this purpose or that. Very often when the final selection is made, we proceed with a discussion about types of appropriate ammunition to purchase. It is then, when the strange look comes back like “Ammo, what do I need that for?” I mean if you buy a new car, are you going to put gasoline in it?

The only way to become proficient with shooting a firearm is to shoot it, and often. This not only builds confidence in using the gun, but also creates a skill base in knowing how the gun functions, cycles, loads, unloads, and all of its mechanical aspects. Further this with trials of disassembly, full cleaning, and then putting everything back together correctly.

Rounds downrange instills a knowledge of the firearm(s) being used, its accuracy and handling, and your own ability to put the firearm into effective action. During a SHTF that could be a lifesaving skill.

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