Watch: “Amazing Chainsaw Hack” for Sharpening a Chain in the Field


Watch: “Amazing Chainsaw Hack” for Sharpening a Chain in the Field

Have you ever been out in the boonies using a chainsaw and needed a good way to hold the saw while you sharpen the chain? Well, these folks think they have the answer for ya.

So you’ve slipped up and let your chain get into the dirt or hit a rock or something. What to do?


As you watch this field-expedient solution being built, you may wonder, as I did, just what the heck he is building. But it all comes clear in the end when the little light bulb comes on above your head.


It’s a nifty idea, and the tree they cut will be used for firewood.

The sad thing is, you need a chainsaw–a preferably a sharp one–to build this contraption for sharpening your dull chain. Hmmmm.

What do you think of this idea? Personally, I just keep a few spare chains in my chainsaw case, swap them when dull, and sharpen them at home with an electric sharpener.

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