Watch: Micro-Size Double Barrel Shotgun — That Fires!


Watch: Micro-Size Double Barrel Shotgun — That Fires!

I love me some guns. As my late father used to say, “If it shoots, I like it!” But of course, I like some guns more than others.

Practicality is one concern. If a gun isn’t useful, then its value is debatable. Some folks love guns as wall-hangers or play-pretties, but others want them to be “shooters.”

Well, here’s one that does both. Sort of.


It’s a teeny double-barrel side-by-side break-action gun with exposed hammers, like old “rabbit-ear” muzzleloading and breech loading shotguns from way back when. It goes together just like those old guns, it opens via the same top-mounted lever, it is cocked in the same way, and it even has dual triggers. When the triggers are pulled, the hammers fall and fire the ammo inside.

The difference is, this one is no more than 6 or 7 inches long!

Watch as this shotgun is assembled, loaded, and fired. Turn down the sound (there’s some obnoxious radio playing nearby) and enjoy. But try not to be too distracted by his looong pinkie fingernails.

I wish I could tell you where to buy one of these little jewels, but alas, I cannot. If anyone knows, please post in the comments below.

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