Better Armed Than Farmed


Better Armed Than Farmed

One of the worst case scenarios of a full blown situational awareness scenario turned SHTF is to actually be attacked by some roving crowd, out of control protestors, or other circumstance where your life is actively threatened. For these situations, it is much better to be armed and ready to defend yourself rather than having the mentality that “Oh, it will never happen to me.”

The title here comes from a recent television show where the perps killed another unsuspecting victim. Their collective decision to dispose of the body was to carry it out into the desert and simply bury it. Hence, the better armed than farmed idea.

If it is indeed a last ditch effort at survival, then we see it as a much better outcome to defend one’s self than have someone find out later we’re pushing up daisies or watermelons somewhere. We need to have the mindset to fight back.

This also implies a constant awareness of our surroundings regardless of where we are or what we are doing. We might be mowing the grass, going to the mailbox in the front yard, pulling up the driveway to the garage, answering the door at night, going/coming to or from work, or other tasks, including just running to the local grocery store for a gallon of milk. Bad luck can strike at any time and usually does.

So for such instantaneous situations how do we prepare ourselves? How do we equip ourselves and how do we deploy?

The prep comes from learning basic but essential modes to defend ourselves. The prime operative, of course, being proficient in the use of firearms. You could learn or add martial arts, knife ware, or the use of other weaponry, but most often we’re talking learning to use, handle, and put into action one or several types of firearms.

Acquire the tools of the trade and become comfortable in their use. Practice with the most effective ways to carry either concealed, bagged, holstered, or in other ways to have immediate access to your defensive weapons. Be ready to use them if you have to.

Universal concurrence now is to avoid conflict or confrontation at all costs if possible. Escape and evade is the smartest strategy. Why invite a fight if it can be avoided? However, if backed into an unavoidable corner, then be confident in the deployment of an active self-defense.

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