Watch: Ravin R15 Compact Crossbow at ATA 2017


Watch: Ravin R15 Compact Crossbow at ATA 2017

Our sister site has been checking out new hunting gear at the 2017 ATA Show. They got to look at something that is definitely on my list to try at the SHOT Show, and that’s the new Ravin R15 crossbow.

This crossbow has some definite buzz going on right now, and it looks pretty sweet. They’re touting something called “Helicoil technology,” which is also a name for those handy-dandy little thread repair inserts that folks use when they strip out a threaded hole.

I’m not sure I understand what he’s saying when he says “the technology is that the strings wrap around the center of the cam and keep everything level.” Hmmm. Seems like my old Barnett does that, too, as does the Mission MXB Dagger that I’ve been hunting with for the past few years.

What is easy to understand is Ravin’s lack of a full rail for the arrow to ride on. Instead of lying in a channel between rails, the arrow touches only at the nock and on a roller-style arrow rest up front. This should help reduce friction quite a bit, and this is probably what he was trying to say when he talked about the string being level. There’s no upward pressure on the string, which is usually the case on crossbows with full rails.


Something else cool is the Versadraw cocking system. Instead of pulling the string back to the trigger to cock this crossbow, you move the trigger assembly up to the string, attach it, and then crank it back into place to cock the xbow.


The R15 is one of the narrowest crossbows around, with a cocked axle-to-axle width of only six inches! When it’s uncocked there’s only ten inches between the axles.

Arrow speed is claimed to be 425 fps. The R15 weighs 6.9 pounds and comes with a scope that has graduated reticles from 20 to 100 yards.

One. Hundred. Yards.

Now brace yourself: MSRP is $2049.99.

I’ll be trying to put my hands on one so I can give it a thorough test. In the meantime, check out the video:

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