Basic Survival Skills Lacking for Young Millenials


Basic Survival Skills Lacking for Young Millenials

According to a recent poll prior to the London Boat Show, the average new-age Millenial is so inept at survival skills, they can’t tie a simple knot, have never been camping, and can’t even start a fire from scratch to stay warm if they needed to.

More than 50 percent could not tie a knot in rope, and 40 percent had never taken a swim in an open lake or river, with a “pool” the only wet spot they’d ever been in.

Basic life skills have been left behind by Millenials, with most under age 44 preferring to use Google to navigate, while most persons over age 55 prefer to use paper maps.

Of the roughly 2,000 people surveyed in the poll, only one-third could start a fire in the wild with natural materials, and less than one-third had ever caught their own fish or seafood for personal consumption. Only 44 percent had ever been camping.

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