Remington Pops 2017 SHOT Show


Remington Pops 2017 SHOT Show

While Remington is celebrating its 200th Anniversary, it certainly is not exactly sitting on its proverbial laurels. With the annual Las Vegas SHOT Show underway this week, Remington has made a bevy of announcements of new guns, rifles, a shotgun series, and several handguns. Also included are 150 year celebrations over their UMC ammo line and many other shooting products.

On the list of “new” guns are several we have seen for several months, but they are just now getting to dealers in quantity. Top on this list is their RM380 concealment pistol followed by the revised R51. Both are now available and should prove very popular given the buying frenzy for personal protection handguns these days. There is also a 1911R1 in 9mm.

Next on the list is their brand new RP9 previously written up here at Alloutdoor. I have not yet seen one to handle or inspect, but reports suggest the pistol is one fine piece of work. It is quite interesting that a company known best these past one hundred years or so for shotguns and rifles should once again be getting heavily into the handgun world. This is a good thing.

In the long gun department is the new Remington V3 shotgun in several versions, including one I have seen via press photos shaped with fine walnut wood. Also available are tough working models stocked in synthetic, black, or two patterns of Mossy Oak Camo. The V3 is a soft shooting, soft recoiling shotgun handling all 2 ¾ to 3-inch shells. The gun only weighs 7.2 pounds so its use in the field should be ideal for all smoothbore sought game.

For rifles, Remington is introducing their new Magpul Model 700, which is decked out in the new tactical Magpul stock. The Magpul stock system is adjustable to fit most any shooter. The Magpul 700 will be chambered in the .308 Winchester as well as the .260 Remington, the latter being an interesting choice. Should be terrific for varmints as well as deer.

Of real interest to hard core and hard terrain hunters will be the new 700 AWR, American Wilderness Rifle. Sporting a 24-inch 416 stainless barrel complete with 5R rifling, the barreled action is stock mounted free floating in a Grayboe stock. The metal is a black Cerakote finish for great durability in the field, flat land, or mountains. Chambers include the .270, 30-06, 7mm Magnum, and .300 Winchester Magnum. The AWR should be a real piece for working. I’d say Remington is set for yet another long haul.

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