The Six12 Shotgun: Another Year, Another Show


The Six12 Shotgun: Another Year, Another Show

Another year, another SHOT Show, another look at the Six12 shotgun. If you’re not familiar with the Six12, it’s a 12 gauge shotgun that’s fed by a six-shot, revolver-like cylinder.

There’s an integrally suppressed version, which looks like something from the SyFy channel, and that’s probably how most folks know about it–through the maker’s association with SilencerCo (who makes the shotgun suppressor).

The same gun can actually be configured three different ways. First, there’s the full-sized version, which is actually pretty compact.


Next up is a stripped down, even more compact config for when you just have to hide a six-round shotty in your pants.


Finally, there’s the configuration that can be rail mounted under an AR. This is actually really cool, and not just because it’s crying out for a Xzibit “Yo Dawg” along the lines of: “Yo dawg, we heard you like to shoot, so we put a gun on your gun so you can shoot while you shoot.” You can see what it looks like mounted to an AR-15 in the main image on the top of this post.


As cool as this gun is, it has basically been vaporware for a while now. But the rep assured me that the ship date is a year out. So we’ll see.

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