How to Get Along in a Prepping Group


How to Get Along in a Prepping Group

Let’s say you’ve found a prepping group you want to join. The group has a meeting, talks about a few things, and tensions start to flare. Why? Because in most groups, there will be one member that disrupts everything.

How do you avoid being “that guy?”

Preppers are a unique bunch. Here are some things to consider when dealing with them.


OPSEC stands for Operations Security. Respect the privacy of other members. Do not go into the group asking a lot of personal or detailed questions. As far as the group is concerned, you could be a government plant.

Paranoia runs deep in the prepping community. Some of us remember all too well Ruby Ridge and the standoff at Waco. The one thing a prepping group does not want is a government mole poking around.

Law Abiding Members

One sure way to get yourself kicked out of a prepping group is to ask about something that is against the law. So never, ever, ask about illegal activities.

The vast majority of preppers are law abiding citizens. We have families, children, homes, jobs, and responsibilities. There is nothing worth being arrested or going to prison over.

You Don’t Know It All

One of the worst things a new member can do is act like a know-it-all. This applies to any group, not just preppers.

Make an effort to let members speak their opinions without telling them they are wrong or correcting them. Be humble, and listen more than you speak. People feel important when others listen, so make an effort to listen.

The Topper

A topper someone who tries to top what someone else says. For example:

Bill: “I bought a new Remington model 700 in 308 Winchester for $600.”

George “You got ripped off. I know a guy who could order it for $550.”

George is being a topper and is causing bad feelings. Instead of saying, “That is a nice rifle, let’s go shoot it sometime,” George tries to top Bill.

Toppers try to make themselves look smarter than everyone else. Toppers are jerks. Don’t be a topper.

Don’t be Overbearing

One thing that will really upset your prepper buddies is being overbearing. Such as if you tell them they have to buy a firearm because you think it’s the best.

Just because one member likes the Springfield M1A does not mean everyone else has to buy one.

Don’t go into the group telling others that this firearm is better than that one, or this one is junk. All you are going to do is upset the other members of the prepping group.

Be a Good Member of the Prepping Group

I guess the bottom line is this: Don’t be a jerk. Mind your own business. Listen more than you talk. Value others’ opinions. Don’t break the law. And make sure you have something of value to offer. After all, you want them to smile when they see you coming.

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