Huge Florida Mako Shark Shows Its Acrobatic Stuff


Huge Florida Mako Shark Shows Its Acrobatic Stuff

Mako sharks are highly prized sportfish, surely the most sought after and esteemed in the shark family. Chief reason is their speed, power, size, and renowned jumping ability.

They’re great on a dinner table, too, tasting much like swordfish.

Makos also are notoriously aggressive, able to dive to great depths and take on heavy fish such as swordfish on which they feed.

So when a group of young anglers in Southwest Florida came across a mako shark in remarkably shallow water they were stunned, but tossed the fish a bait, and well, watch the video.

The fish was released unharmed, yet some snowflakes were upset that the shark was hooked and “distressed” in its fight.

Good grief.

Here’s the video link:

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