34 Items For Survival: ITS Mini Survival Kit


34 Items For Survival: ITS Mini Survival Kit

We’ve all heard of the “Altoids” tin survival/medical/whatever kits, or perhaps even built one ourselves. I’ll admit that I’ve even built a few, and they just never came out with all the stuff I wanted to carry. I tried a couple commercial ones and, again, was never pleased with the results. One of the problems I always ran into was smashing the case or bending the lid.

The crew at ITS Tactical has had one for a little bit, and I had honestly forgotten about it until they sent out a notification of an update to their “Mini Survival Kit” in a new crush proof case. ITS has always done a pretty good job of vetting gear and not sticking in useless crap, nor low quality products.

ITS Mini Survival Kit Contents:

Fire & Light



Water & Food

Knives & Tools


Multi-Purpose & Other

  • (1) ITS Smoke Grey Crush-Proof Logo Case (3 7/8″ x 3″ x 1″)
  • (1) Dri-Card Desiccant
  • (6) Inch Strip of Duct Tape
  • Total Kit Weight with Contents: 4 oz.

What do you carry? It is much different than the above list? Would you swap out any items and for what?

The ITS Mini Survival Kit comes in at $35 (which honestly, after ordering individual components from Amazon comes out pretty close–and a number of the items are sealed for added protection). You can pick one up at: https://store.itstactical.com/bushcraft/its-mini-survival-kit-msk.html?

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