Giant 17-Foot Python Killed by Anglers in Glades from 17-Foot Boat


Giant 17-Foot Python Killed by Anglers in Glades from 17-Foot Boat

Winter is prime time for South Florida fishing in Everglades National Park, and many state residents tap the fishing at that time because snook and redfish are abundant, and mosquitoes and other bugs are at a minimum.

Capt. Peter Lopez and Capt. Bryan Limsang set out on a trek to the Glades, spending nights camped out on dock-like structures call “chickees,” which offer Spartan camping comfort but are ideal in open-water areas where wind keeps bugs at bay.

The anglers worked the Glades about 60 miles away from civilization, camped out and fishing from their 17-foot flats skiff.

Fishing was good, with reds and snook caught and all seemed well until they noted a very large snake stalking their skiff, apparently wanting out of the water and into the boat. The anglers quickly make a make-shift spear out of a knife fastened onto their boat’s push pull, and commenced to do battle with the invasive Burmese python that was as long as their boat.

Pythons have thrived in the Glades and South Florida in recent years, and the anglers knew what they were up against. But they prevailed and posted a few photos of their unusual prize, collected far from civilization.

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