9 Great “Forgotten Weapons” Videos


9 Great “Forgotten Weapons” Videos

Some of our favorite “Forgotten Weapons” videos. We think you’ll love them too.

Nomar M1911 Magazine-Stock

A huge, heavy, high-cap 1911 magazine that acts as a stabilizing brace? Yes, please.

A Most Unusual Over/Under Shotgun

This French scattergun loads from the side and has a two-piece forend that doesn’t cover the bottom of the bottom barrel and a butt stock that comes right off.

A 6-Chamber Revolver That Fires 12 Times

You can stoke this wheel gun once, then fire it a dozen times before you have to start over. But be careful.

1908 Italian Bolt-to-Semi-Auto Conversion on M91 Carcano

Oh, just an experimental conversion that turned a bolt-action rifle into a semi-auto. Sweet!

Semi-Auto “Mystery Pistol”

A 32 ACP “rocking block” pistol that’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen.

It’s a Pistol, it’s a Key

For opening a lock or trying to stop a belligerent prisoner, I guess.

Norwegian 1846 Postførerverge Knife-Pistol?

A double-barreled muzzleloading pistol with one hell of a knife blade between the barrels.

44 Caliber Hump-Back Zig-Zag Revolver

Exceedingly funky and completely unmarked, as if its inventor was embarrassed to have made it.

Super-Powerful Mars Pistols From the Early 1900s

“A phenomenally powerful and ridiculously complex handgun.”

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