States Introduce Tax-Free Gun Sale Holidays


States Introduce Tax-Free Gun Sale Holidays

The exercising of rights should exempt from any government fee or tax. An example of this is the twenty-fourth amendment to the United States Constitution which prohibited the poll tax. Another example is Texas offering free voter identification cards so people can vote.

The purchase of firearms is a protected right. If rights should not be taxed, why are the sale of firearms and ammunition taxed?

Several states are taking the first step in ensuring rights are not taxed by creating a tax-free holiday on the sale of firearms.

Arkansas – Sen. Bart Hester, R-Cave Springs introduced Senate Bill 126.

Louisiana – Law was signed in 2009 that establishes a tax free weekend.

Mississippi – Has a tax free weekend in August.

Tennessee – Republican Rep. Dennis Powers, calls for a “Second Amendment sales tax holiday” on the first weekend of September each year.

Texas – State Senator Brandon Creighton from Conroe introduced a Senate Bill 133 which would create a tax free weekend.

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Not Just Gun Rights

The tax free topic is not just about gun rights, it is about all rights. Taxes and fees are an obstruction to the free exercising of rights.

Whether it is buying a firearm, buying ammunition, going to church, making a political statement, or voting, every right should be protected from taxation or any other fee.

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