Monster Blue Catfish Caught, Released in Virginia Tournament


Monster Blue Catfish Caught, Released in Virginia Tournament

An almost world record and MONSTER blue catfish was caught, and then released recently on Buggs Island Reservoir (Kerr Reservoir) by angler Dale Russell Lowe Jr.

The massive cat took a cut baitfish soaked on bottom, and after a lengthy fight was hauled aboard and stowed in a massive live well, with help from a state fisheries biologist who officially weighed and measured the cat.


It weighed 141.76 pounds and collected a healthy prize, as Lowe was fishing the Icebowl Catfish Tournament, along with anglers in 150 boats seeking $8,000 in tournament awards.

”My cousin Stephen got the big cat’s head in our net the first time he surfaced,” said Lowe. “I had to grab the net and push his tail in to complete the job. Stephen looked at me and said, ‘well we just won the tournament.’”


The massive catfish was just 2 pounds short of a state and world record. It measured 61 inches long, with a 46-inch girth, and swam away healthy and strong at release.

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