Preppers Should Stock up on Coloring Books


Preppers Should Stock up on Coloring Books

Can coloring make you a better prepper? Well, maybe.

Just as any sort of self-improvement can make you a better person, coloring can help you get better. Better at what, you ask? Lots of things, according to some sources.

One article on why preppers should take up coloring outlines the following benefits:

  • Coloring can be done alone or as a group.
  • Coloring is affordable.
  • Coloring reduces stress.
  • Coloring improves one’s ability to focus.
  • Coloring increases your ability to think creatively.
  • Coloring improves your motor skills.
  • Coloring doesn’t take up a lot of room.
  • Coloring “gear” is portable.
  • Coloring encourages mindfulness.

These are all good things. I would like to link to the original article, but my computer experienced a malware attack while at that site, so I’m certainly not going to send y’all there.

My point is, coloring is good. And I admit to a touch of bias on the subject because my wife Sue has created a number of “adult” coloring books.

She creates every image by hand, and to counter the odd success of “swear word” coloring books, she even created “Feel Good Words” coloring books, in which you can color artistic renderings of positive and uplifting words instead of negative or filthy ones.

(Original image from Feel Good Words by Sue Chastain; Colored photo by David Wilmoth)
(Original image from Feel Good Words by Sue Chastain; Colored photo by David Wilmoth)


In addition to full size books, there are smaller “mini” versions available so you can take your coloring along to waiting rooms, on airline flights, and such while you’re waiting for society’s fall. Oh, and they make great greeting cards, too.

Naturally, I would prefer for you to buy her books,┬ábut wherever you get them, do yourself a favor and give coloring a try. And speaking strictly from a prepper’s viewpoint, it’s a great idea be prepared for low-tech activities when you expect to be living off the grid (if the grid even still exists). And how better to decorate your bugout shack than with lovely homemade works of art?

Coloring: It’s good for ya.

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