Watch: Rope-Start a Car With a Dead Battery


Watch: Rope-Start a Car With a Dead Battery

So your battery is dead, and no help is to be found. How can you get your car started?

Well, if it has a manual transmission you can always pull- or push-start it. But what if you aren’t strong enough to move the vehicle or it’s in a bad position?

In that case, you can jack up one of the drive wheels, put it in gear, wrap a rope around the high tire, and pull-start it like you’d start a lawnmower.

This works best on front-wheel-drive vehicles that don’t have all wheel drive. And if you try it on a rear-wheel drive vehicle with posi-trac rear end, it might just drive off without you. So use care.

Bottom line is, this clearly works in certain situations. Just make sure you put the transmission in neutral before you lower the jack (duh).


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