Louisiana Youngster Catches 10-pound Bass from Bayou Bienvenue


Louisiana Youngster Catches 10-pound Bass from Bayou Bienvenue

Bayou Bienvenue is near the famed south Louisiana coastal town of Chalmette. But unlike the coastal fishing there, Bienvenue is best known for giving up heavyweight largemouth bass, not redfish and seatrout like that in the saltwater marshes of Chalmette.

Brian and Brennan Silcio know that and target Bienvenue’s heavy bass and have a solid record of catching 4 and 5 pounders. But 15-year old Brennan recently hooked and landed a 10-pound bass of a lifetime from Bienvenue, and it has made the Chalmette High School sophomore something of a hero, at least with his family and proud father, Brian.

Brennan tossed a 3/8-ounce Bruiser Custom Jig to rocky spot near a wooden bulkhead one afternoon, and it got slammed by a fish. The fish hit and ran more like a redfish than a largemouth, but when the fish jumped, the father-and-son angling team realized the catch was much more rare than a similar size red.

Father Brian netted the bass, weighed and measured it, and realized they had to get it to an official scale fast for an accurate weight. On official scales it went precisely 10-pounds, measuring 26.3 inches in length.

It was one of only two fish the anglers caught all day. But it was a fish a lifetime for anyone, especially for a 15-year old.

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