Watch: America is Made of Guns


Watch: America is Made of Guns

Sculpture is cool, and there are numerous ways to create it. Recently I’ve seen a number of sculptures that were made so that a different shape is presented to the viewer depending viewing direction. In other words, looking from the front shows one scene, but walk 90 degrees or 1/4 of the way around the piece, and you will see a different object entirely.

This is one of those “perspective pieces.”

One version of the video has this info in the description:

Artist Michael Murphy is taking the opportunity to protest America’s killing power (and supremely piss off the NRA) with his new sculpture… Constructed of dozens of suspended black gun sculptures ranging from handguns to assault rifles, the installation is a perspective piece that changes in shape as the viewer walks around it.

Well, maybe this guy thought he was making a statement against guns, but he missed the intended target in my opinion. And yeah, I intended that pun.

A YouTube commenter says, “I’m pro gun and love this… So… Fail??”

Yeah, I’d say so.

What two things do most American gun owners have in common? 1) Love of the USA and 2) affection for guns and making them go bang.

So when you make a sculpture that combines our two favorite things, you’ve basically reinforced our pro-gun, pro-American beliefs.

So thanks for that, Michael Murphy.

Tech Insider’s version of the video is about the best quality I’ve found, so I’ve embedded it below. And although it foolishly attempts to connect “guns” with “violence,” it falls flat on that score.

It states that “Violence is not the answer,” and I agree. Where we differ is on defining firearms as violence. I’ve been a gun owner for decades, and none of my guns have ever been violent. They are merely tools that may be used for good or evil, depending on the user. Like a bomb, or a vehicle, or a machete.

Anyhow, here’s the video:

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