Watch: Double Wrecking Ball Shotgun Slug


Watch: Double Wrecking Ball Shotgun Slug

It’s been a while since I posted anything from Taofledermaus, but this looks interesting. It’s a steel slug that’s pretty much a tiny dumbbell, but is being called a “barbell slug” in the video.

It’s essentially a pair of steel balls joined by a short round section, all made in one piece on a CNC machine. The average lead 12 gauge shotgun slug weighs one ounce, but this steel creation weighs 1.4 ounces.

The first surprise was learning that it had sailed right on through a level 3A Kevlar vest. The second surprise was that they really didn’t tumble very much.

So in an attempt to destroy their stability, they drilled holes in the ends of a couple. That didn’t work…

These things sure do hit hard!

I don’t understand these people shooting without a backstop. There really needs to be a dirt embankment to stop any projectiles that make it past their targets.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

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