Sea Grant Seeks Angler Input on Great Lakes Salmon


Sea Grant Seeks Angler Input on Great Lakes Salmon

Michigan and Wisconsin Sea Grant leaders are working to improve fisheries data collection through a citizen science-based effort known as the Great Lakes Angler Diary program.

A new Great Lakes Angler Diary web tool builds on the success of the Salmon Ambassadors program. While Salmon Ambassadors used pen and paper to record length, location, and fin clip information on chinook salmon, the Great Lakes Angler Diary takes advantage of the fact that many anglers are equipped with mobile devices that can aid in capturing quality data.


The new web tool guides and organizes these efforts. The Great Lakes Angler Diary allows participants to:

Record length, fin clip, and general location for all Great Lakes salmon and trout.

Enter data for cisco, walleye, musky, and sturgeon.

Record information on lamprey wounds.

Upload photos to verify species identification, fin clips, and wounds.

Upload fish finder photos of “bait balls.”

Anglers interested in participating should email: [email protected] to register and receive a volunteer number needed to log into the site. Visit to log in after you register.

Registered users will be contacted at the end of the fishing season and asked to answer a short survey. Results will be shared with Wisconsin DNR and other management agencies to provide information on the status of the fishery.

For Wisconsin, the Sea Grant contact is Titus S. Seilheimer, fisheries specialist, 920-683-4697, [email protected]. For Michigan, the Sea Grant contact is Dan O’Keefe, southwest district extension educator, 616-994-4580, [email protected].

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