Trigger Warnings


Trigger Warnings

In this fast paced media controlled world we live in now, we constantly have preliminary warnings thrust upon us before we even engage the program. These “trigger warnings” are commonly now being posted prior to a television program, radio news broadcasts, advertisements, and many other venues.

These warnings come from the “them” or “they” that nobody ever seems to know the identity of. You may know them. When asked at work why you are doing thus and so, you have often heard the response, “They told us to do this.” But nobody can put a name or a face on these individuals. Thus we are not really sure where trigger warnings come from or why.

The origin of “trigger warnings” apparently comes from a 2015 article by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt entitled, “The Coddling of the American Mind.” Nope, I did not see it, read it, or even hear of it. In this piece the authors propose the concept of content flagging so as to warn watchers or readers that some potentially offensive content may be displayed.

This could include causes of trauma, like military conflict, child abuse, incest, and sexual violence. Then we could decide whether or not to watch the program. Ok, I get it, fair warning to lousy programming. I wish we could get trigger warnings on bad restaurant food, crappy products before we buy them, or even national news that is not filtered, biased, or just outright lies. America is getting so dumbed down, that “they” have decided we need preliminary warnings to virtually everything we do. I say we don’t.

So, what is the link to information here for preppers, survivalists, and outdoors people? Mainly, it is to be forewarned of warnings. Take such with a grain of salt and be determined to make up your own minds about how such programming might influence your decision-making, buying routines, or digestion of news information. This is especially the case during this very contentious election year. If such does not pass your personal muster for quality material, then turn it off or throw it away.

Lukianoff and Haidt’s article summarized this development of trigger warnings as “the resurgence of political correctness.” I never realized that the “PC” orientation had ever waned in this country. Listen well, focused, and with serious intent, then decide what is best for you.

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