St. Patrick’s Day Sale on Prepping Gear


St. Patrick’s Day Sale on Prepping Gear

Two of my favorite companies, Emergency Essentials and Palmetto State Armory, are both having a  St. Patrick’s Day sale.

Emergency Essentials is an industry leader in emergency preparedness supplies. If you want freeze dried food, water storage, or something in between, they are one of the best companies out there.

Palmetto State Armory has made a name for itself by cutting out the middle man and selling straight to the consumer.

Let’s move onto the deals.

Regular price: $629.99, sale price: $399.99 – PSA 16″ Mid-length 5.56 NATO 1:7 Nitride 13.5″ Keymod Classic Freedom Rifle Kit. Except the lower receiver, this is everything you need to build a mid-length AR-15.

Regular price: $669.99, sale price: $399.99 – PSA 16″ Midlength 5.56 NATO 1:7 Nitride MOE Freedom Rifle Kit With Rear MBUS. Includes bolt carrier group and charging handle.

Regular price: $119.99, sale price: $49.99 – PSA AR-15 Lower Safe/Fire. Stripped lower receiver to complete your AR-15 build.

Regular price: $54.99, sale price: $41.95 – Freeze-Dried Fajita Chicken Large Can. Shelf-life up to 25 years.

Regular price: $76.99, sale price: $49.99 – Mountain House® Diced Beef. Fully cooked and freeze dried beef dices. 25 year shelf-life, just add hot water.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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