Record-Class Crappies Caught from Louisiana Reservoir


Record-Class Crappies Caught from Louisiana Reservoir

Anglers on Louisiana’s Poverty Point Reservoir are re-writing the state’s record books for white crappie when the reservoir produced three fish each the 3.5 pound mark in only eight days in late February.

The first two massive crappies were caught by twin brothers Twayne and Dwayne Hosea. Twayne caught his 3.52-pounder on February 25. The 17 ½-inch fish is a record for the 2,700-acre Poverty Point Reservoir. Six days later Dwayne pulled up a 17-inch crappie that weighed on the certified scales 3.48 pounds.

The brothers live near the lake and caught the slabs on identical Bobby Garland Baby Shad jigs.

Another massive crappie was caught soon thereafter from the reservoir by angler Rodger McConnell. His fish weighed 3.46 pounds.

The Louisiana’s state record for white crappie is 3.8 pounds, making these fish some of the biggest slabs ever caught in the state.

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