Preppers: Are You in a Comfort Groove?


Preppers: Are You in a Comfort Groove?

Preppers, are you in a comfort groove and have the same routine day to day? Are your weekends filled with watching sports or maybe going to the local mall? Is the closest you get to real world prepping going to the gun range or maybe having a cookout?

For the sake of discussion, let’s throw out the word acclimation and talk about it. Acclimation is when an organism adjust to a new environment. Not if, but when, there is a nuclear war or some kind of new airborne viral plague, how prepared are you to acclimate from everyday life to survival mode?

Most of the time it takes the human body two weeks to adjust to a new setting. This could be a shift rotation at work or even daylight savings time change.

In times of calm, how do preppers acclimate if there has not been a change? If there has not been a hurricane, no plague, no nuclear war, then how are preppers supposed to prepare themselves to acclimate?

Let’s talk about some tips to change things up.

Spur of the Moment

Hiking tripTake the family camping, fishing, hunting, to a park, something to change up the daily or weekend comfort groove routine.

Tell the kids on Friday night the family is going to a park tomorrow morning. Give them some time to pack their gear. The next morning, get up and go.

Get a day use area, go fishing, canoeing, maybe go swimming and go hiking. Some parks offer a nature class. Take the family to it.

Spend some good quality time as a family and make some memories.

Off the Beaten Path

Something I like to do is get off the beaten path. I have someone drop me off in a remote location and then hike home. Sometimes the hike may take two days. I live in a rural area, so getting off the beaten path is not that difficult.

For someone living in an urban area, getting away from civilization may be a little more difficult. There are sections of national forest spread all over the nation. See what it would take to hike an area of national forest. Maybe you have a friend who lives in a rural area that would take you on a hike.

Check with the local parks service, see if there are any primitive camping sites that are only accessible by boat or hiking.

Get Out of the Comfort Groove

Make a journal and note your daily or weekly activities that are not prepping related. Think about what you can do to break out of that comfort groove.

What can you change in your daily or weekly routine to help obtain your prepping goal?

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