Hunt Turkeys at Field Bottlenecks


Hunt Turkeys at Field Bottlenecks

Turkeys found in big, sprawling fields can be tough to call within shotgun because they know they’re secure in such wide-open spaces. That’s why when veteran turkey hunter and calling champion Ernie Calandrelli hunts big fields he keys in on bottlenecks, which is where he begins his calling.

“Most fields have some type of bottleneck, a ‘pinched down’ area between a ditch and a road, for example, or a place where a creek and mature woods or a CRP field diminish the width of the field,” explains the Quaker Boy Game Call man. “I set up my calling in cover beside the bottleneck and try to set decoys in the field within shotgun range. Turkeys can see decoys from a long way, and while they may know they’re secure 200 yards out in the field, as they work closer to my calling and decoys, they’re also working into the bottleneck and within shotgun range of the cover.”

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