How Many Concealed Carry Holsters Are in Your Drawer?


How Many Concealed Carry Holsters Are in Your Drawer?

I was just chatting with a new writer (be on the lookout for more concealed carry content, soon!), and he was telling me that he advises his students to carry with an empty chamber until they get comfortable carrying and, most importantly, figure out which holster works for them.

This reminded me of a conversation I had with Tom Rader, back when I first started carrying. I was using a ClipDraw with my Sig SA/DA, and I asked him if he’d ever used this carry system, himself. He responded that he had used it years ago¬†and loved it, but now he’s onto something else.

As a CCW newbie, I went into it thinking that there would be the Ultimate Concealed Carry Solution for me, and that I’d do some research and find it. I learned pretty quickly that this isn’t the case. Concealed carry rigs are like any other item of clothing — it’s a personal thing that’s all about fit and comfort, which means two things:

  1. You have to try out lots of options to find out what works for you.
  2. What works for you will change as your body changes and your life situation and preferences change.

This isn’t just the case with holsters. It’s also the case with carry guns. The longtime concealed carriers I’ve known have gone through any number of different guns, as the regular course of life brings them through changes in their area of operations, threat profiles, budget, weight/discomfort tolerance, and so on.

The constantly evolving nature of an individual’s concealed carry loadout is one of the things that makes carry guns and accessories such a fantastic market for the gun industry. After a few years of CCW, you’ll end up with a drawer full of holsters and holster parts.

So, how many CCW holsters are in your drawer? Do you have a favorite brand that you keep coming back to, or does that change with the times, too?

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