Preppers: Consider Glock Standardization


Preppers: Consider Glock Standardization

Preppers, let’s talk about the standardization of your handguns.

Some of my prepper buddies and I were talking about buying some Glock 17 magazines. We were doing a group purchase and everyone was discussing how many magazines they wanted. One of the new guys asked about a Glock 17 magazine fitting the Glock 19. Someone replied, “Yes, it will fit.” The 17 magazine protrudes out of the bottom of the 19, but it functions properly.

The standardization Glock put into place is what makes it a perfect prepper handgun.

Even though I do not own a Glock 17 and have no interest in ever buying one, I ordered two Glock 17 magazines. They will be used in my Glock 19.

Glock And Preppers

For the sake of discussion, let’s say there is some kind of global event. My buddies bug out to the farm and bring their Glock handguns, but no spare magazines. The magazines I ordered will fit their G 17 and a few other models.

When it comes to handguns, very few companies have adopted magazine standardization. Glock on the other hand has embraced standardization. This makes Glock ideal for groups.

Take Beretta for example. As much as I love Beretta handguns, I can not say they follow the same level of standardization as Glock. For example, the Beretta APX will not use 92F magazines. This creates an issue of stockpiling magazines for the same brand name, but different models.


Back in the 1990s some of my prepper buddies and I were trying to agree on a standardized riffle. We talked about the Ruger mini-14 and mini-30, AR-15, AK-47,¬†and a few other rifles. We agreed to purchase an SKS as a handout and “if all else fails” rifle.

A couple of us bought a Ruger mini-30 and put a folding stock on it. It was a great rifle but aftermarket magazines were unreliable. Keep in mind this was more than 20 years ago.

Today, we have pretty much settled on the AR-15 and Glocks as our standardized firearms.

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