Watch: See-Through Lifestraw Demonstration


Watch: See-Through Lifestraw Demonstration

When I first heard of the Lifestraw water filter I wondered, “How does it filter an estimated 1,000 liters of water?” A few months ago I decided to buy one and have since played around with it.

While on a hiking trip in April 2017, the Lifestraw was used it to drink from a stream. Let’s just say I was rather impressed with how easy it was to drink from the creek. After using it a couple of times I started to understand what all the hype was about. It is a wonderful product.

When I got home from the hiking trip I got on youtube and found this video by CampingSurvival.

In one of their previous videos, CampingSurvival took apart a Lifestraw and Sawyer mini-water filter.  Someone at Lifestraw saw the video, contacted CampingSurvival, and sent them a transparent Lifestraw.

As of April 2017, prices range from $19.99-$22.53. Sometimes they go on sale for less.

Each filter is individually packaged, which makes it ideal for stockpiling. On the SurvivalistBoards forum there is an article that talks about stockpiling extra survival gear for friends and family. One of the items mentioned in a water filter.

Whether it is a hiking trip or collapse of society, have some extra Lifestraws put up, hand them out to friends and family, and say, “This filter is good for an estimated 1,000 liters.” With no moving parts it is pretty much fool proof. Take the caps off the ends, put the intake in the water, and suck just like what you would do with a regular straw.

I plan on buying several and adding them to my preps.

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