Watch: Dangerous 1936 LA Police Trick Shooting


Watch: Dangerous 1936 LA Police Trick Shooting

Do yourself a favor and don’t imitate the folks in this video, who hold targets in their hands, mouths, and even ears while someone else fires real bullets at them.

I imagine we will hear from some chest-beaters who’ll admonish us all to Man up! Grow a pair! Don’t be wimps! And so on. But the fact is, what these guys are doing here is extremely stupid.

Not all of it is bad news, of course… it’s always cool to spell out stuff using a submachinegun, and firing two revolvers at the same time — accurately — never goes out of style.

The video then goes on to show police training on the range, with the old one-handed firing stance that often puts the weak hand on the shooter’s hip. My father grew up with that sort of example, and found the two-handed grip of 1970s and 80s cop shows ridiculous.

Around the 10:15 mark, we begin to see how they did their combat shooting drills: Hands Up, Walk Away, Gang Buster, and Merchants Lunch.

Towards the end, they show even more range detail, such as gathering and resizing empty brass, reclaiming old bullets, casting new bullets, and loading up new ammo.

Near 14:30, things get kinda fun with the Tommy gun again.

Gotta love a guy who wears a necktie to the gun range to shoot a Tommy gun.

Oh, you will probably want to turn down the sound unless you’re a fan of plink-plunk piano music.

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