Preppers: Replace Kerosene Lamps With Solar


Preppers: Replace Kerosene Lamps With Solar

Kerosene lamps have been a staple of American heritage for hundreds of years. According to Wikipedia, the first documented mention of a liquid fuel lantern was in the 9th century. Even to this today, kerosene lamps are still used in developing nations.

Some of us have kerosene lanterns that have been passed down through the family for generations.

During a recent conversation with my aunt, I brought up the topic of kerosene lanterns. She is several years older than my dad. The family did not get electricity until my aunt was 13 years old, which was 1952.

She started telling me how they used kerosene lamps for everything after the sun went down. She read books, cooked, did her school homework, and even went to the bathroom by the light of a kerosene lamp.


My aunt started telling how dangerous the lamps can be.

Sometimes when you blow the fire out, and the wick will reignite on its own.

One time, the body of a lamp caught on fire. My granny grabbed the lantern and threw it out the back door before the house caught on fire.

The stories got me to thinking. My aunt and my grandmother had used kerosene lamps their entire lives. They knew the dangers with using liquid fuel lanterns. People today do not have that same level of knowledge or experience.

Children, with their natural curiosity, would want to pick up or hold the lantern. These are not the same children from the 19th century who were raised with kerosene lanterns. These are children who do not understand the danger.

In all honesty, someone with little to no experience with a liquid fuel lantern is an accident waiting to happen.

Solar rechargeable LED lanterns offer a safe alternative to liquid fuel.


My aunt and grandmother would go down to the local country store and buy kerosene. Since there was no electricity to the area, the pumps were hand powered.

Preppers should plan for the long term, that means no store to buy kerosene from. Even though I have 15 gallons of kerosene in a drum, I know that 15 gallons will run out.

Solar offers and unlimited supply of power. Long after the kerosene runs out, the solar panels will be charging the batteries, which can provide light long into the night.

Kerosene Lamps Are Outdated

The honest truth is, kerosene lamps are outdated technology. They were fine until solar panels were developed.

Liquid fuel lanterns pose a fire hazard and depend on a fuel that will run out.

Solar rechargeable lanterns are safe and have an unlimited fuel supply.

Even though I have several lamps, all of them are being phased out in favor of solar.

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