Watch: A Simple DIY Pistol Built From Scrap


Watch: A Simple DIY Pistol Built From Scrap

The video below shows a simple homemade handgun, put together using just a little this and that. Most of us probably have enough hardware out in the garage to make something like this.

It’s certainly not the greatest gat ever manufactured, but in the end it does go bang. And for you Glockaholics, it’s even striker-fired.

The interesting part is that he even makes the cartridges, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say “cartridge.” It appears to be made of steel with a nipple on the rear to accept small plastic caps like those for toy cap guns (although metal percussion caps might be a better bet), and a small ball bearing inside of the steel cartridge.

The cartridge might be more accurately called a muzzleloading chamber insert.

At any rate, the gun fires several times on video, and is apparently reliable enough. Not bad for a popper that uses a rubber band as a trigger return spring!

This next video just shows the gun being fired a few more times. Funny how, after seeing the first shot in this video, I could actually smell the smoke from the cap! Ah, those long-lost cap-gun days of youth.

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