Preppers: Using Dogs to Hunt Wild Pigs


Preppers: Using Dogs to Hunt Wild Pigs

The dogs have cornered some wild pigs, one was captured and tied up, now what? The only way in or out is by boat, and the boat is a mile away.

A large tree branch was cut and the hog was packed out.

Hunting with dogs is one of the most primitive forms of hunting that still exist today. We know domesticated wolves helped people hunt large game 32,000 years ago. It is speculated that dogs would surround the large game and keep it in one place until the hunters could arrive, very much like what modern hog hunting dogs do.

Rather than bring back a live hog, hunters 32,000 years ago would bring back a chunk of mammoth or mastodon meat.

The wild pig was brought to a guy’s house where it was put in a pen until it could be butchered. A lot of people feed wild hogs corn to fatten them up before butchering.

Wild Pigs as SHTF Food Source

If there ever is a collapse of modern society, wild pigs would be an excellent food source. Unlike deer, wild pigs can be captured, brought home, put in a pen, and kept alive until it is ready to be butchered.

This is how wild pigs were domesticated thousands of years ago. They were caught, brought back to the village, kept in pens, and either butchered or bred.

The problem is catching the wild pigs, and this is where dogs come into play.

Some people may object to hunting wild pigs with dogs. In the grand scheme of things, dogs are just a few generations from wolves. The family dog may look domesticated, but under all that cuteness is the genetic code for a wolf. Using dogs to hunt allows the dogs to do what comes natural. Rather than chasing a squirrel or rabbit, the dogs are chasing wild pigs.

Pigs cover such a wide range, hunting them from a stationary blind can be difficult. One day the pigs may be in certain area, the next day they are a mile away. This is where the dogs come into play. They can track pigs and cover a large distances easier than people.

Using dogs to catch wild pigs is a win-win situation. The dogs do their job and everyone gets to eat.

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