Alligator Comes Knocking at Front Porch


Alligator Comes Knocking at Front Porch

A Florida woman said she received a call from a neighbor warning her not to go outside and soon discovered the reason — an alligator on her porch.

Elena Avello said her neighbor’s mother walked past her house in Parkland, Florida (on the edge of the Everglades north of Ft. Lauderdale) about 6 p.m.  and spotted the alligator.

“I looked out of the side window on my front door and there he was, sitting there,” Avello said.

Avello said she called the Broward Sheriff’s Office, which referred her to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

She said officers arrived within 30 minutes, bound the 5-to-6-foot alligator’s mouth, and hauled it away.

“I’m sure he was just looking for a body of water, but stopped here along the way,” Avello said.

Experts said alligators are frequently found wandering through residential areas this time of year, which is the reptiles’ mating season.

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