Breaking: Possible Supreme Court Resignation


Breaking: Possible Supreme Court Resignation

Breaking from FoxNews – Chuck Grassley expects Supreme Court resignation ‘this summer.’ On the heels of Neil Gorsuch being sworn in, rumors are going around that a Supreme Court justice will resign in the summer of 2017.

Why is this important?

The nation has a pro-gun rights President who will appoint another conservative justice that will support the 2nd amendment. This is a nightmare situation for the anti-gun establishment.

If the rumors are true that a Supreme Court justice will resign this summer, hopefully is a justice who does not support gun rights.

The anti-gun liberal establishment was betting on Hillary Clinton winning the presidency. As a result of winning, Hillary Clinton would appoint someone who does not support the 2nd amendment. Chances are, lawyers were ready to throw their cases in front of a Supreme Court that was leaning away from individual liberties when it comes to gun rights.

However, with Donald Trump winning the presidency, the anti-gun agenda was thrown for a loop.

From the article on FoxNews,

I think we’ll have another Supreme Court vacancy this summer,” said Cruz, R-Texas. “If that happens, as much as the left is crazy now, they will go full Armageddon meltdown.

If a liberal judge does retire, the left will go into full nuclear meltdown. This will give gun rights organizations several years to push pro-gun lawsuits to the Supreme Court.

Hopefully, the next several years will bear fruit to gun rights organizations and gun owners.

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