Gear review: Red Republic Tactical Belts


Gear review: Red Republic Tactical Belts

Belts, wow so much can be said about this subject when it comes to concealed carry, some good, and most bad. Over the years I have tried a bunch of different belts for classes, carry, and training. As times go on they wear out and then end up defeating their purpose all together. And let me tell you if you have a concealed carry belt and it fails, it is miserable.

I can go ahead and already tell you a Wal-Mart type belt or one that is of the same “quality” will fail you. What happens when they fail is the outside the outside the waistband type holsters with gun will start to tip out from your body leaving an imprint of the guns grip through your shirt. You may think that is not much of a problem, but some states that is called “Printing” and can cause the LEO to anything from giving you a ticket to taking your gun and your permit.

At a gun club I belong to over in WV, there is a judge we have as a member, he heard me telling this one time to a guy that bought a $12.00 belt and thought it was all he was going to need. The judge walked up and said in WV (at that time, a couple years ago) printing is not an issue but printing in Ohio (where I live) could be a big problem. So it is best to check your states laws on concealed carry “Printing.” But the next thing you need to do is save up if you have to and buy a your “last belt first” and be done with it! For me from now on that will be Red Republic Tactical belts! For everyday concealed carry and even in my steel plate competition matches!

Now these Red Republic Tactical belts run in the price range from the $59.00 to $74.00 and let me tell you from someone who has bought a BUNCH of different comp’ belts you will never find one at the $74.00 price that has as much quality as one that is almost twice as much. Red Republic Tactical come in sizes up to 48 inches, now remember if you carry inside the waistband, be sure to order your belt two inches bigger then you normally wear.

I have two Red Republic Tactical belts, one is their concealed carry belt and one that can be both, used for concealed carry and competition. So I will touch on the comp belt in this article, I want to focus more on the concealed carry belt. It’s pretty simple if you think about it. You save up and buy a good gun to make sure if and when you need to use it, and it’s there and performs. You even do the same with your holster, if your good gun gives you a hard time getting pulled from the holster it can cost you time, even just a second or two which we all know could make the difference that could save your life.



Red Republic Tactical – 1.5 inch “The Operator Belt”

And that is where it stops for most people, they think any belt they have on the hanger or in the drawer will work, and they will at first for a while then they start to give out. My father has regular belts that he has paid close to $100.00 and they have failed him as far as a concealed carry belt. Concealed carry belts have to be built for that purpose with some sort of liner, either a polymer or steel or even a heavy hard treated canvas that is covered from the front and back. I will name one brand, in fact it was the last brand I used until I got these Red Republic Tactical belts. I have been using two KORE belts now for almost a year and thought, “Hey, here we go!”

Well they have now started to deform a little and the worst part is the buckle on both has failed. Their customer service was great and send two new “UPGRADED” buckles, but in the end the belts are starting to deform.

Then three days later I find out about Red Republic Tactical and have since had two relieved. I can tell you from right out of the box, the buckles will NOT fail! Completely different style of buckle, this buckle will remind you of a racecar style seatbelt buckle for those of you that are not in the tactical type items. The belts with holsters, guns, and extra mags on them will not bend! I have loaded a full size HK VP9 with a loaded mag in the gun and three extra mags and mags pouches, my Benchmade knife, and Leatherman all on it and held the belt out in front of me and it stayed straight out and held the round shape.


The Operator Belt buckle 1.5 inch belt

Now know that this was the $59.00 concealed carry belt, not the hybrid style. That belt is even heavier made! So I have been wearing Red Republic Tactical belts since they came in the mail and so far I am VERY IMPRESSED with what I am seeing in their products! Here are a couple more photos of the Red Republic Tactical “The Operator 1.5 inch belt:


Open showing buckle system


Velcro size adjustment that LOCKS TIGHT

I can tell you I will be wearing Red Republic Tactical belts for a LONG TIME! Both in everyday concealed carry and the hybrid in some competition matches. What it comes down to is again, you spend money on a good pistol and holster, you need to spend money on a good belt also. It is just as important as the rest of your gear which is all there to work together to save your life.

You can check Red Republic Tactical at the following links:

Also if you order off their website, I have a code that will save YOU some money and that is always a great thing. At the checkout enter the code: ssft for 10% off your order!

Take my advice and check out Red Republic Tactical and see the options they have. I’m sure you will find the right belt for you.

Stay safe and stay aware, I hope to see you out there!


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