Foul Your Gun Barrels!


Foul Your Gun Barrels!

Of this I am guilty, and likely you are, too. An awful lot of us preppers don’t practice enough of what we preach. And no, this is not an article about how to clean a gun barrel. Instead, it’s about how to make gun barrels dirty–and that is done by shooting them.

I’m often asked how much practice shooting should we do and how regularly? Shooting is an acquired skill. Some shooters seem to possess a natural talent for shooting, but others like me have to practice to stay sharp. So it’s tough to define the minimum amount of regular shooting practice, because it is different for everyone.

Many law enforcement departments require their police officers to “qualify” periodically, sometimes as often as once per month. The requirements of each department vary widely. Obviously they expect their armed police officers to be proficient with the the various weapons they might be called upon to use. This includes their usual service sidearm, but it also might mean a shotgun and/or a rifle. SWAT teams or special units usually have to meet even higher standards.

From this, we can argue that shooting once a month is a good idea. But then you may also have a variety of weapons to keep up with. This could include any number of pistols and revolvers in various calibers. If you own them, you should certainly know how to shoot them well and be comfortable doing so.

Your rifle stocks may vary, too. Perhaps you have hunting rifles, sniper-type bolt action rifles, or others. You may own an AR-15 rifle or clone. Maybe they are in different calibers like 5.56/.223, 300 Blackout, or some other cartridge. Each gun should be range-fired regularly so you can really get good with them.

Don’t forget about the shotguns. They’re not just point-and-shoot guns. You may be a bird hunter, but how do you handle your 12 gauge down the hallway of your house or in the garage?

There are many reasons for getting those barrels dirty. Proficiency with any gun’s controls is paramount. Accurate shooting, changing magazines, handling different shooting positions, and accurately aiming under different lighting conditions all combine to make you a better shooter.

So, go foul some barrels.

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