Student Expelled for Squirt Gun


Student Expelled for Squirt Gun

How did society reach a point where a squirt gun was found in a young ladies car, and she was expelled for a year? The “political correctness” against weapons has reached lunacy levels.

From the NRA-ILA website – “F” Stands for Fail: School Jeopardizes Student’s Future for Possession of Squirt Gun.

This time it was 16-year-old Sarah Allena Nichols, formerly a student at Prattville High School in Autauga County, Alabama, and now serving a year’s expulsion from Autauga County schools, school property, and any school-sponsored function.

Her “offense” arose from a squirt gun recovered from her car.

What happened for craziness like this to come about? School officials have reached Don Quixote level of lunacy. Believing a squirt gun is a weapon is about as sane as thinking a windmill is a giant.

Changing of the Times

Sit down boys and girls, it’s story time.

My dad told me about a school janitor who would bring his handgun to the school. This was in the 1950s and firearms were part of society. The reason for the handgun? To protect the students. The gentleman would show the handgun to the students, and nobody cared.

When I was in high school in the 1980s, a good number of young men kept firearms in their trucks. I can not count how many times I brought my hunting gear and Mossberg 500 to school on Friday. When school let out for the weekend, I drove from school straight to the hunting camp.

I remember students standing in a school hallway showing off their pocket knives to each other. A teacher would walk by and tell us to put the knives away. We would put the knives in our pockets and go on about our business.

Nobody was shot, nobody was stabbed, and nobody cared if we had weapons. Having a pocket knife and going hunting is part of growing up. It is a rite of passage for young men.

What Happened?

Besides losing all common sense, what happened between the 20th century and now?

First thing someone may say is school shootings such as Columbine and Sandy Hook have prompted schools to take a zero tolerance on weapons. A squirt gun is not a weapon.

Children have a right to be children. This means allowing them to make foolish choices and have fun.

Punishing a young adult for having fun has the effect robbing them of their childhood. We wonder why kids act the way they do? They can not even have fun without being punished.

Let the kids have their squirt guns and society will be better off in the long run.

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