NRA Carry Guard Insurance


NRA Carry Guard Insurance

Ok, first and foremost please understand I am very PRO NRA and have been an instructor for years through the NRA and I have the utmost respect for them, BUT they have done one thing that upsets me via this upcoming NRA meeting and show this weekend.

A friend of mine, Rob Pincus made a post a day or two ago and summed it up best, this is Rob’s post:

WOW…. This is not cool.

The NRA Just uninvited the USCCA from the NRAAM ??

Consider that, while the NRA returned the check for the booth, the USCCA still must have their booth materials, handouts, hotel rooms, shipping, flights and who knows what else paid for in preparation for the event that starts one week from today.

Here’s your explanation: The NRA is having a “Personal Protection” expo in a few months, they are launching a new magazine this year called “Carryguard” and, of course, they have their CCW Insurance “Carryguard” Membership programs with levels that mirror the programs that USCCA has had for a few years now (and been very successful with). Politically Motivated RKBA Donations are down because Republicans control the Whitehouse, The Congress and The Supreme Court. USCCA is the only large ‘competition’ for that very lucrative insurance business and has been growing MUCH faster than the NRA over the last 5 years.

Kudos to the USCCA for taking the high road and clearly stating their continuing support for the NRA-ILA and their Mission.”

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Now with that said and I wanted to get that out of the way, carry insurance really IS something you really should have. I tell it in my classes because more than not you are going to end up cuffed, stuffed and at the police station. Remember they (LEO) were not there so they have to sort everything out. You need to have an attorney at the ready and you can get Concealed Carry attorney’s on a retainer for a small fee per year. You do NOT want you one call to be looking for an attorney to help you.

Then as far as the insurance goes, well sadly in today’s world people are “sue” happy. If you are found in your right and not charged with anything but you had to kill your attacker, their family may try a civil law suit against you. See there is a LOT to think about and a LOT that changes in your life once you made the choice to carry a gun. I PRAY you never have to use it but you never know.

So you know, there is no “Set” dates, training, etc on the NRA’s new Carry Guard Insurance. You do have to pass at least a level 1 training class. In fact I have applied to become one of their new NRA Carry Guard Instructor. I personally believe that in my classes I want to teach the best I can before I sign any certificate. In fact I have Rob’s (Pincus) personal permission which I show in my slide show to use any videos he produces in my classes.

I teach more than the “Basic Pistol” that is all the required in most states. I actually added a Concealed Carry section with Rob’s help/video’s that is only on Concealed Carry options, mindset, legal issues, what to say and what not to say to LEO so you don’t hurt yourself in any way. And I promote all students get some sort of insurance. So with not much to report that has not already been reported on the Carry Guard program just know that I am happy with this.

This gives people a choice now between the NRA Carry Guard insurance and the USCCA, just like we have a choice on what brand and type guns, cars, trucks, and homes. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

I will leave you with this, I do have a few contacts in the NRA and if I can get some inside news that is not known I will post more articles on it. I know what the USCCA offers, it will be nice to see what the NRA Carry Guard offers and at what cost per year, or if it will be included with multi-year or life members etc. They really have nothing set in stone as of yet, just like their blended class for CC classes. A lot of the instructors didn’t like that we had no choice and this was how it was going to be. We got together and let them know how we felt. Starting in the beginning of this April, they went back. Now you can take the entire 8 hour class and be done with it like before, or you can do the blended class online and then with an instructor. And before you ask, I was one that signed my name on the line to bring back the original training and give us and the students a choice.

That is what makes this country great. We get to make choices on what we want! As soon as I get more info on this NRA Carry Guard insurance, I will post ASAP. You have my word!


Stay safe and hope to see you out there!

Ron Gunner




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